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Welcome to My Thoughts!

What exactly are My Thoughts? Basically it's an area for me to ad-lib, think out loud, spout off, or generally make fun of life in general. Since I have been an American all my life (being born and raised in Florida still counts these days) so I feel it's my duty to help us to laugh out loud and just plain wonder what is going on in our great country. So go ahead and click on which ever topic that interests you. More will appear soon.

Are computers making us all left-handed?
Can I really publish my own novel and make lots of money?
Is shopping on-line worth the effort?
Can I really make money just surfing?

Click on the above genre links for free fiction and for reviews of novels. 

What's Happening:

Aug 9, 2004

The newly designed site is coming along and I like what I see. I hope you do too!

Sept 1, 2004
The latest Writer's Hood should be up (fingers crossed). Either way, stop by and read up on some great free fiction. Click here to jump to the site: www.writershood.com.

Sept 3, 2004
DragonCon will begin this day, hope to see you there! Stop by some of my writer panels and see what we have to say about writing, publishing and the state of the industry!
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