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Science Fiction Links

Though I make a living as a technical writer and editor, I love all kinds of fiction. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy, but not always in that order.

In this section you will find my thoughts, links and musings on the Science Fiction genre. You will also find some samples of my past and current projects. 

Feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad. 

My Free Fiction:

Belated winner of the Writers Hood Write A Picture Contest 2000!

The Emerald of Re
by Scott A. Humphries
Original Challenge the Writers at Writer's Hood Science Fiction 2001!

An Eternity of Moments
by Scott A. Humphries

Experimental Fiction - The Spaceport

In this section you'll find experimental fiction samples. All of these are experiments that I'm using to further develop my writing skills. You will see samples of plot building, organization tools, character development, and other tools that help me as a writer.

For example, in the Spaceport you will find examples of characters and how they relate and interact with others in the settings I have designed. The Spaceport is a fictional space-station hub where many humans and other races intermingle while waiting for their transports to other solar systems. You can click on any character and read their physical description, location and how they might link to another character. 

As soon as this is available, I invite you to click on and read about the many different characters. Perhaps one of these experiments will some day be the background for a short story, or a novel. I hope that one of these experiments entertains and helps you to be a better writer. If I help you to think of a great story idea, please let me know (not that I want credit, just a thank you would be great).

Book Reviews

Star Trek Voyager - Homecoming Part 1 by Christie Golden
The Edge of The Universe by Glenda C. Finkelstein
Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold
Collapsium by Wil McCarthy
 by Wil McCarthy
Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown edited by Orson Scott Card and Keith Olexa

Click on the above genre links for free fiction and for reviews of novels. 

What's Happening:

Aug 9, 2004

The newly designed site is coming along and I like what I see. I hope you do too!

Sept 1, 2004
The latest Writer's Hood should be up (fingers crossed). Either way, stop by and read up on some great free fiction. Click here to jump to the site: www.writershood.com.

Sept 3, 2004
DragonCon will begin this day, hope to see you there! Stop by some of my writer panels and see what we have to say about writing, publishing and the state of the industry!
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