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Editorial Services

One of my main focuses of this website is to advertise my editing services. I've been a technical writer and have worked for EDS, Unisys, NCR, IBM and other large corporations. Almost four years ago I was the Mainstream fiction editor for www.writershood.com and later held both roles including the Science Fiction editor. For the past three years, I've had the pleasure of being the Science Fiction editor. Even with this editorship, I often have time to work with outside authors and their editorial needs. 

Depending upon what you need, I can probably help. Here are my typical rates, which can be renegotiated, depending upon the size of your needs. I pride myself on quick turnaround times, however each project is different. Turnaround times will be negotiated for each project.

The list of editorial services I offer include, but are not limited to:

As always, before I agree to edit a novel, I will ask for a synopsis, and hopefully the first three chapters. Once I've reviewed your work for style/plot/character building I can go from there. My typical charge for a simple line by line edit, for a 100K word novel,) is typically $250. For that you'll get two line edits, one as the work stands and then after you've made your changes, another line by line edit. 

For a deep edit, I usually charge up to $500 for a 100K word novel. If after I've looked it over for the deep edit and it didn't require a deep edit, I typically lower the price back down to the line by line edit price. 

The great thing about my service is that I will edit the first three chapters for free, and then return it to you and then you can decide if you want me to edit the rest of the novel or not. My feelings won't be hurt if you decide to take the novel elsewhere. Also, I want to see you published and I'll do all I can to make the manuscript as noteworthy as I possibly can. 

I am available for co-authorship or even ghost writing, however this type of service will be negotiated before the work begins.

Please click on this link and email me with any questions you might have: Scott Humphries' Email.


Nov 2007

I recently attended World Fantasy Con in Saratoga Springs. It was a great place to meet and greet all those movers and shakers in the publishing world. 

Oct 2007

I recently attended MileHiCon in Denver. It was a blast and I met several authors and few editors. I'm also part of the World Science Fiction Convention 2008 Denver group, and I strongly recommend you buy your membership soon, before it goes up.
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