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Tuesday, December 18, 2007 09:07 PM

Minis are my passion and my curse! I've been the proud owner of a 1973 Morris Minor Pickup now for over a year, and I wondered why I didn't get one sooner. Since Austin was part of British Leyland motors at the time, the truck can be called an Austin Mini. 

It's a genuine 1973 (I can tell from the rust) since the company only made trucks between 1970 and 1980. I had it shipped down from Alberta Canada, but it originally came from England. Included on this page you'll find some of my favorite pictures (mine and my friend's Minis) including some exciting footage of some past and future Mini rallies! Enjoy. Currently I have my truck up for sale, due to having purchased a Mark I 1966 almost fully restored Morris Mini Traveler (Woody version). Look for links to my truck pictures. All serious offers will be considered.  



My 1973 Morris Mini Pickup is for sale! Please click on the links to see the good and the bad. Asking $6500 (that will include free delivery up to 1000 miles, a $1000 value). Serious inquiries only, please. Send me an email scott @ scotthumphries.com (Copy and paste my email address in your email client, and then remove the spaces. Sorry I don't need any more Spam.) If all previous deals fall through, I will have the engine rebuilt by 7ent.com (partial rebuild, not a full rebuild). If that happens, then I'll need to get no less than $7000 for it (but it will have a professionally rebuilt 1275 or better in it). 

Engine running movie.
My gauges while engine running.
LH Side
Rear View 1
Front View
Front Left view
Rear Left view
Rear View 2
Seats up right side
Battery compartment
Floor pan under battery

RH floor pan

Floor pan under LH seat
LH floor pan
LH door panel
RH door panel
RH roof
RH window (no rust!)
LH window (no rust!)
LH A panel (no rust!)
LH below door
RH  rusty spot in front of rear wheel

RH rusty spot below door
RH wheel rusty spot
Engine pic 1
Engine pic 2
Engine pic 3
Engine pic 4
Vin # pic 1
Vin # pic 2
LH window
Tail gate pic 1
Tail gate pic 2
Tail gate pic 3
Right rear drum brake
Right rear under body
Right rear wheel arch rust
Right rear drum pic 2
Right rear under body pic 2
Right front disc pic 1
Right front disc pic 2
Right front wheel well
Right front under engine pic 1
Right front wheel under arch
Right front under engine pic 2
Right front under grill
Right front under engine
Right front disc top view
Left rear muffler pic 1
Right rear under body pic 1
Left front disc pic 1
Left front wheel well
Left front disc pic 2
Left front wheel arch underbody pic 1
Left front disc front view
Left front wheel arch underbody pic 2
Left front wheel arch view
Left rear wheel arch view pic 1
Left rear wheel arch underbody pic 1
Left rear wheel arch view pic 2
Left rear wheel arch underbody pic 2
Left rear wheel rear view
Pickup bed front (behind cab)
Pickup bed right hand shock mount
Pickup bed left hand shock mount (top view)


The Mini club in Denver: www.minisrock.com





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Dec 14, 2007

The newly designed site is coming along and I like what I see. I hope you do too!

I love my Mini, but the truck isn't right for me. I'm looking for a good home!
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